The Best Surfboard Shaped Rugs Ever Made

We invented the Surfboard Shaped Rug. It's been our life long dream to bring the surf into your home.
Trust us when we say you won't find a better quality rug than our handmade Rugboards!

Why We Make Surfboard Rugs

Unless you’ve got an excellent surfing gig going, you’re probably not going to be able to hit the waves every single day.

Some lucky people do have work schedules that are flexible enough to allow frequent time on top of a board, but unless you work in the industry,
compete professionally and/or live right by the beach, it still is easier said than done to actually get out there and surf on a daily basis.

For the rest of us, even if we can’t actually surf as often as we want to, or we live where there are more rivers and lakes than there are booming ocean waves,
we can at least think about surfing every day with our own surfboard shaped rugs.

A handmade surfboard shaped rug can do amazing things to get you excited about surfing, whether it helps you remember the last time you
were lucky enough to be in the water or helps you look forward to your next surfing safari.

As the original inventor of the Surfboard Rug, we know that our customer base is extremely diverse, from hardcore wave riders who are out there
regularly to people who simply like the sport, want more surf elements in their home, and dream of someday being able to do nothing but paddle out, turn and repeat.

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why Our Rugboards Are So Special:

1Design Options – We Have Them All
Just like ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t apply to all the colors, lengths and styles of surfboards out there, the same approach also doesn’t work so well for surfboard shaped rugs. We offer all sorts of colors, styles and size combinations, for pretty much any personal preference. You can pick something that has your favorite colors in it. You can pick something that looks good with the décor and color schemes in the particular room you’re planning to put it in. You can buy multiple Jensen Rugboards for multiple rooms of your home or apartment, everything from 4 foot rugs that can work pretty much anywhere to full sized 9 foot rugs that are perfect for larger areas like hallways. There are also smaller non-skid contour surfboard bathroom rugs available that are just the right size to fit around the toilet in your bathroom. Surf fans can also pick a type of rug that closely resembles your all-time favorite surfboard in terms of design, length and color selection. This will really be exciting to come home to and get you even more stoked for your next surf outing.
2Durability – Like Nothing You've Seen Before
These sturdy handmade rugs aren’t going to fall apart after people walk on them a few times. Though Jensen Rugboards always look cool, they’re especially designed with durability and longevity in mind. Feel free to provide them plenty of foot traffic – that’s what they’re made for! You don’t have to be extra careful with our rugs; some decorative rugs must go to the dry cleaners the second they pick up dirt – not ours. More importantly, we sell machine washable rugs as well! After a few months, if you feel your machine washable Rugboard is getting a little dirty, simply throw it in your washing machine with your delicates – all of our products have been specifically designed to be machine washable and still look as good as new afterward.
3Affordability – Quality Rugs For Less
Competitors charge plenty more for similar products, but most have lower quality standards than we do. In addition to being the originator of this style of rug, we always make sure we put extra attention into the detail and the quality of every rug sold. Jensen Rugboards are always affordable. In an age when smart shoppers don’t necessarily believe something that sounds too good to be true, we want to assure everyone they’re always getting the real deal when they buy from us.